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Act it out with Tone Lions

Lets act it out with Tone Lions, receive tips on what it takes to stand out in a industry so demanding. Listen in and take notes as we prepare you for whats to come in the acting industry. Tune in every Friday for a great show.

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Fashion First With Shay Evans

Watch your step with Shay Evans, as she walks you through the life on the runway. Put those heels on and get to your feet as Shay delivers educational tips on how the professionals do it.Tune in every Monday for a informative show on what it takes to compete with America's Top Models.

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Laughing out loud with Dev Knight

Laugh It Up with Dev Knight the show's host with the most jokes. Watch and learn as we show you how the professions do it. Dev will keep you updated on all the hottest acts, and promises you that you'll get a laugh out of it. So stay tuned to the host that got jokes and don't be afraid to get loud and have fun.

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Mastering Music With Maurice

Have you always wanted to know how to write the perfect hook? How about a more efficient way to create hard hitting snares? Well, Mastering Music with Maurice is a show created to empower the independent music community. Mauriece challenges his audience to hone their sonic abilities, whether you’re a singer, songwriter, or classic pianist. There’s always something to learn here.  Join us as we take all of the necessary steps to take our musical careers to the next level.

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Movement and Motion with 1791

Can you keep up, as we kick, twirl and splits through the art of dance.This show is fun and full of diverse arts of dance. So don't miss a step every tuesday with 1791.

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The Virtual Studio

Art develops our right brain.  So many industry professionals create wonderful art, follow their journey and apply the knowledge shared to create something for yourself.

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Word Play with Cale Wesley

Let's put our pen to our pad as Cale Wesley provides us with the knowledge needed to keep those creative minds going. Stay tuned and pick the minds of those who's willing to share their expertise with you.

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